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Daredevil for Dummies (Man Without Fear)

by and 2 Hungry Bros

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Fanboys, the Earthtone King and 2 Hungry Bros bring yet another tutorial this #PaleoTuesday and this time it’s Daredevil for Dummies. the Earthtone King evokes classic John Romita JR. imagery in his lyrics to emphasize the core of Matt Murdock’s character as laid down by writers like Frank Miller, Brian Michael Bendis, and Mark Waid that were translated into the Netflix series that is now on it’s second season. In the song addresses Battling Jack Murdock first, the accident second because the father / son relationship is a crucial component to Matt Murdock's character.
The 2 Hungry Bros producer, Deep (What You Leave Behind) brings out a fast paced and heavily chopped heater to carry the gripping Narrative and hopefully enable you to get your significant other to Netflix and chill binge on your favorite Marvel Series.


Hells kitchen on fire
(That's Murder)
Let me first tell you the story of Matt Murdock
Dad was a boxer,
Battlin Jack
Had a Left hook swing like a battling axe
Matter of fact
the Good man told his son
Lil man when you fall you gotta
get back up!
He couldn't foresee his son was gonna
hit that truck
Get bad luck
But wait Getting ahead of myself
Battlin Jack had pride wouldn't settle for wealth
Mixed up with gangsters had to settle the debt
So that night
Told him if he hold his life
When he fights Crusher Creel he had to Throw that fight
But he didn't
His pride and he strapped for cash
Hit the bookie bet his money on himself and dashed
Little Matt came home
Saw Cops and red
All for revenge Jack Murdock was dead


Tell me now what you made of..
Tell me now what you made of..
Please tell me loud and clear
What scares a man without fear?
{Daredevil} "Father, why do I still feel Guilty?"

Sad admit
It gets Worse
after this
Matt gets hit
A close
Car accident
Smashed a ditch
His eyeball scratched and ripped
He can't see shit
Chemicals splashed in it
Passionate, Matthew
Murdock's Soul
He is all blind now but He still has hope
Cost of life
even though he Lost his sight
He remembers his Dad never lost a fight
Darkest night
He smells things longer, how?
Seems that his other senses are stronger now
Murdocks Touch,
taste , hear and smell
He can sense everything in kitchen of hell
Then the blind man Stick, he's old and wild
Teaches Matt Ninja fighting styles
Night is wild
Black Mask
Face is mean
Time for the Daredevil to take the streets

A pilgrimage
a crime Lord who
Kills for risk
A Criminal Kingpin named Wilson Fisk
Builds a click
of Bosses who Ran the town
Wesley, Leland and Madame Gao
Had to bow
to the Kingpin of crime
at the time
He yells "The City Is mine"
then reclined In heat Hells Kitchen Flames
'Till the Daredevil
To fix the game
Shit done changed
Blood on the window frame
Matt Murdock fights you don't get restraint
Lawyer by day
There to engage
His best friends Foggy and Karen Page
Dare to play Legal he takes them all
Fights crime on both sides of the law
Puts Fisk in jail
Crime Is out here
But nothing scares Men Without Fear


released March 22, 2016
Lyrics- Pso the Earthtone King
Beat- 2 Hungry Bros
Mix and Mastered by Willie Green



all rights reserved


2 Hungry Bros New York

amazing Hip Hop producers from the LES. Since 1985, the bros, inseparable, found 2 elements that kept their friendship strong, food and music. They went from crate diggers to resident dj's at the Nuyorican Poet's cafe in 05 to independent hip hops funkiest production duo. The 2 have since produced signature songs for artists Homeboy Sandman, Fresh Daily, the Earthtone King, Likwuid, 8thw1 ... more

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